We are excited to announce the opening of our Springarten section, a fascinating new addition to our beloved school!

The Springarten season represents rebirth, growth, and promise, and we are determined to offer our young students an extraordinary new beginning.

In the Springarten section, students will take an educational approach based on play and experiential learning. We know that children learn best when they are active and involved in the process of discovery, so we will offer them a stimulating and welcoming environment where they can explore, learn and develop their skills in a safe and loving way.

Our young learners will have the opportunity to experiment through sensory and outdoor activities and creative workshops. They will be encouraged to ask questions, express their creativity and develop endless curiosity about the world around them. We want to cultivate their passion for learning and encourage them to become critical thinkers.

Our team of highly qualified and passionate teachers will accompany children on their learning journey. They will be ready to provide the support and guidance needed to help them achieve their goals, always respecting their individuality. We recognize that each child is unique and we will work to meet their specific needs and interests, providing a personalized learning environment.

The Springarten section will be equipped with innovative and age-appropriate learning materials, creating a stimulating environment for our young students. We will have colorful and welcoming classrooms, an outdoor area dedicated to play and nature exploration, and a library full of books and educational resources. We will ensure that children have opportunities to learn through free and structured play, encouraging them to develop their social, language and cognitive skills in a balanced way.

We recognize the importance of school-family collaboration for children's educational success, so we will have open and continuous communication with families. We will organize regular meetings, workshops and special events to involve families in their children's school life. We want to create an environment where people feel welcomed and supported.

The Springarten section provides an amazing opportunity for children to grow, learn and discover the world around them in a nurturing and loving environment. We are excited to welcome new students.

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