High School

Training the next generation means including language, communication and technological competencies and skills as an integral part of every educational practice.

LAAS INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL FOR INNOVATION is committed to providing a comprehensive education that allows students to be competent global citizens who are aware of the challenges of the contemporary world. LAAS INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL FOR INNOVATION Secondary School - is an institution that builds on the Anglo-American experience with the standards of international school systems. The school is committed not only to developing bilingualism but also to ensuring that students are proficient in Spanish and Chinese through classes taught by native speakers.

What makes this new reality unique is its innovative pedagogy, digitally oriented approach, and international openness. In particular, 70 percent of the annual total number of hours is devoted to English-language teaching. The central goal is to connect school education to real life, directing students to transfer acquired knowledge into concrete actions.

The school places the student at the center of the educational process, considering social mobility and taking into account his or her cultural needs and aspirations. Efforts are focused on the quality of educational offerings in order to promote in young people the ability to cope culturally and socially with the challenges of our society.

Over the five years of study, the school aims to expand formal education by including a range of digital culture skills that will be useful. Disciplinary teachings are designed in an innovative and interdisciplinary way, and the skills students acquire are internationally comparable.

The school in general, is going through a transition phase, abandoning old, outdated teaching methods to embrace new educational perspectives. The challenge of LAAS INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL FOR INNOVATION is to recruit educated and trained teachers who can contribute to a new form of education.

In addition, the school promotes collaborative learning, which enables students to work in teams, share information and knowledge, and organize work jointly. This method develops students' autonomy and prepares them to solve problems creatively, using new technologies as a tool for cultural and human expression.

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