Letter from our Principal

Dear Parents,

As Principal of LAAS, I wish to extend to you a warm welcome to our school.On these web pages you will find not only useful information but also a clear sense of the character of LAAS which has a unique educational identity. Back in September 2013, on our first day of school, as I was watching with much emotion our students entering at the LAAS gate, I thought, “This is just the school I would have loved to have had for my own children!” Since then, my mind has not changed! The growth of LAAS has been extraordinary. We are continually focusing on building a school of excellence. In an environment where class sizes are small, students are nurtured by caring teachers to be the best they possibly can be.

At LAAS we aim to develop students’ knowledge by supporting them to become inquiring, reflective, problem-solving and independent learners, so that they are ready to live successful lives in a changing and increasingly demanding world.Our curriculum offers the challenge of high expectations, the excitement of engaging learning experiences, and the support of a loving community. At our school not only do we ensure care for the unique needs of every child, we also strive to discover and celebrate the talent that lies within each.  Our goal is to provide an excellent education which is both creative and fun. Our environment is innovative and inspiring with a secure and warm atmosphere which gives the children confidence and continually encourages them to feel proud of what they do.

It is not possible in an introductory welcome to cover as many positive aspects of life at LAAS as actually exist, but I hope and trust that - as you navigate through the website or visit the school itself – it will become evident to you that through the professionalism of our staff we offer an exceptional educational opportunity to all of our students.

I very much hope that I will have the chance to personally welcome you to LAAS!

Beatrice Zanotti